"books to be read with the heart"      
  FAITHpublishing offers brochures and publications that are sure inspire, educate, motivate, strengthen, call to faith.
Some publications to be released by FAITHpublishing this year include the following:
a series of 7 welcoming and inspirational self-mailing invitational messages that make it up on the refrigerators of those who receive them.

Cindy's Prayers: One Heart Touching Another  

a unique,
...creative, collection of prayers unlike any others
...from Cindy's heart, yours, and
...back again. Stirrings of a simple message
...of love,
...of people,
...of hope,
...of caring for each other, and
...of God's love for all,
even when it seems
there isn't.

You may order your copy of "Cindy's prayers" at your favorite bookseller or at


an outstanding anthology of the best-loved sermons of Dale H. Beutler that span a ministry of 30 years.

                              Hopeful...and always:


a perverted gospel
This thought-provoking, dynamic monograph by Faith's pastor, Dale H. Beutler, exposes, as its author says, "the perverted gospel of the political movement known as the Christian Evangelicals" of the past 40 plus years. This 3-part sermon series was first published by FAITHpublishing in 2007. It includes the historical definition of "evangelical" and sermons entitled: "Where the Christian Right Went Wrong," "The Threat of Christian Zionism," and "Just War Fallacy." A bibliography is included. It is confronting and raises questions for our Christian living today. 20 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

the BEST of the NOTEBOOK

a compilation of witty life experiences under which lay life's blessings of a faith lived. It is sure to encourage a person's faithful reserve in times when encouragement is hard to come by.